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Questions and Myth-Busting Answers 
about the Brown Recluse Spider. 

"The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever Compiled on the Brown Recluse Spider...period."

Based on the latest 
Brown Recluse Spider research.



  • Which kinds of spiders prey on Brown Recluses? 
    We'll show you a harmless, common house spider with a voracious appetite that can eat several Brown Recluses a day. You don't want to kill this spider!

  • Are there any areas of the body where a Brown Recluse cannot bite?
    Yes, there are 4 areas and knowing this will ease your fears.

  • Given a choice, which insects do Brown Recluses prefer to eat the most?
    Dead or alive, Brown Recluses do have their favorites. You don't want their favorites in your home! 

  • Can a Brown Recluse Spider bite through clothing
    Important to know if you are hoping to avoid bite wounds.

  • How can I avoid bringing Brown Recluses to my new home when I move? 
    Home currently infested? We'll show you, step by step, exactly how to avoid bringing these spiders along with you. 

  • Do Brown Recluses like it hot and dry or cool and damp
    Many myths and rumors have come out of misinformation on this question!

  • What are the differences between male and female Brown Recluse Spiders
    We'll explain how their behavioral differences have a direct affect on you. We'll also teach you exactly how to tell a male & female apart.

  • Why do Brown Recluses prefer dead prey over living ones?
    The answer will totally revolutionize how you fight infestations, and explain why Brown Recluses thrive and multiply easily in our homes.

  • How many Brown Recluse spiders can a home support?
    Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? We'll also give you the average number of spiders in a typical infestation.

  • Do all Brown Recluse spiders have the “violin” pattern on its back?
    Sneak peek answer is "NO." We'll show you a picture of the ones that don't.

  • Do older homes have more Brown Recluses than newer homes?
    We'll tell you the surprising answer---and why.


  • What kinds of areas do Brown Recluses avoid?

  • Are Brown Recluses primarily found indoors? 

  • What is the largest Brown Recluse ever recorded?

  • Does clutter contribute to an increase in Brown Recluse spider populations?

  • If a Brown Recluse loses a leg, will it grow another one back?

  • How can I catch a Brown Recluse without being bitten?

  • What areas do Brown Recluses avoid?


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    • Over 100 stories of people's experiences with a Brown Recluse Bite and how they were healed.

    • Very important, practical tips on preventing Brown Recluse Bites

    • Detailed Spider information, Medical information & Bite Photos


  • 5 Ultra High Resolution, printable photos of the Brown Recluse Spider. Compare the huge photos with the spiders in your home for positive ID.

  • Additional Medical information


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